Info + Printing Techniques

All our images are available in standard sizes and we also do custom sizing for large scale artworks. All images are available as prints, on canvas, framed, acrylic mounted, on metal and for fit outs / industrial usage.

Please contact us for more information / details on custom artworks or any other questions!


Owenphoto uses state-of-the-art technology to transform images into visual communications of the highest order. Specifically, a metallic finish gives visual displays a glamorous, glossy look, making colours and black and white ‘pop’.
With the latest advance in coupler technology to create the highest quality image output, a metallic print is the ideal finish if you’re looking to create visual communications with a polished commercial “edge”.
Plus, we are excited and proud to use Kodak Endura photographic paper that lasts between 100 and 200 years, enduring long after laser prints have faded. Believe it or not, the lab technicians we use still go into a darkroom to load the paper we use to make your photographs, so that you get nothing but the best!


Want your prints to burst with colour while still retaining the tones and shadows of the original image? You’ve come to the right place. The laboratories we use have digital printers that maximise the innate colour in an image, while maintaining skin tones and improving white and black resolution.
Infinitely titillating, a glossy photographic print exudes exuberance and typically creates a glittering display. Using Kodak Endura professional photo paper, we recalibrate our machines so that the colours in your photographs will endure years from today.
Kodak Endura photo paper is used exclusively by major professional photo labs worldwide, assuring you exceptional performance from your images.


For the highest quality portraiture, social commentary or commercial application, the digital printing technology we use is top of the range, offering an enormous colour palette as well clean whites, rich blacks and realistic skin tones.
For the connoisseur who prefers a more classic, understated feel, a matte finish is hard to surpass. Thanks to continual printing advancement, digital printers are able to produce professional, compelling prints that move and inspire the viewer.
By combining quality Kodak professional paper with professional developing, your photographs are assured the very finest silver-halide development.


Shadow box framing is our style pick for showcasing Owenphoto images. Shadow boxes best suit larger photographs as the frame is thicker and has more impact on display. Frames are also recessed, creating space between the image and the glass/perspex front. Shadow boxes come in three options Natural, White or Black. The Natural frame is an Australian Oak, it is untreated and has a very natural look suiting most situations.