About Rodd Owen

Also known as Rodeo for his countless trips on the road, sleepless overnighters in questionable airports, eating meals from side carts en route to some of the most remote places on Earth. All of this to capture that first glimpse of light while using his compositional eye turning those moments into classic images which have featured in international billboards, magazine covers and artworks in office spaces & living rooms across the globe.

Rodd isn’t a self taught overnight Instagram photographer. He’s a highly skilled, highly qualified, ocean, aerial and lifestyle photographer with over 20 years of experience. After studying commercial photography at the prestigious RMIT University in Melbourne it wasn't long before he became Chief photographer in one of the worlds highest profile surf mags, Movement Magazine, while also earning his position in the line ups in some of the worlds heaviest surf breaks.

Rodd’s appetite for adventure, his skills behind the lens and his commitment to nailing the shot have culminated in an stunning collection of fine art images.